Message from Pope Francis on Archbishop Cupich’s appointment

By Catholic New World
Sunday, November 30, 2014

At the beginning of the installation Mass on Nov. 18 at Holy Name Cathedral, Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò read a mandate from Pope Francis naming Archbishop Blase Cupich as the ninth archbishop of Chicago. The document is also unofficially called a papal bull and has a long history in the Catholic Church. Here is the text of the message from Pope Francis read during Mass.

To Our Venerable Brother, Blase Joseph Cupich, until now Bishop of Spokane, at this time appointed Metropolitan Archbishop of Chicago, greetings and Apostolic blessing.

When Our Venerable Brother Francis Eugene George, Cardinal of the Holy Roman Church, resigned from his archepiscopal office after an extensive, steadfast, and diligent ministry, it was without delay that We hastened to assign a new Shepherd to that celebrated “City of Broad Shoulders,” which from the very beginning has been strong in its Catholic faith and also known for its hardworking citizens. Indeed, needless to say, it is only fitting that the See of Chicago be governed by a faithful and watchful servant, since it is Our desire that this ecclesial community, both old and new, continue henceforth to flourish, to blossom and to grow. For this reason, Venerable Brother, We turn our attention to you, who for some time now have labored zealously for the Flock in Spokane, and We judge you to have the requisite virtues of mind and character, by which you can carry out the governance of the Church in the “Windy City.”

Therefore, upon consultation with the Congregation for Bishops, by virtue of the fullness of Our Apostolic authority, We release you from the bond of the Church of Spokane, and We choose and appoint you Metropolitan Archbishop of Chicago, with the obligations and the rights prescribed in canon law. In addition, We mandate that both the clergy and the people of your Local Church be informed about this Our decree and decision, and that they warmly welcome you as their Shepherd and guardian of truth.

Finally, Venerable Brother, as you travel east and embrace the people being entrusted to you in the State of Illinois, do not forget that the Lord, Who became our peace, had wished to set the earth on fire spiritually, so that, reconciling everything on earth and in the heavens through His cross, He might distinguish the true from the false, sift the wheat from the darnel, separate the evil from the good, longing to seek out whatever is lost and to bring it to salvation.

Given at Rome, at St. Peter’s, on the twentieth day of the month of September, in the year of the Lord two thousand fourteen, the second of Our Pontificate.

Pope Francis


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