COVID-19 is not God's judgment, but a call to live differently, pope says

The worldwide coronavirus pandemic is not God's judgment on humanity, but God's call on people to judge what is most important to them and resolve to act accordingly from now on, Pope Francis said.


Keeping the homeless sheltered and safe during COVID-19 spread

Every night of the year, Franciscan Outreach serves 382 men and women at three shelters throughout Chicago. The homeless are one of the most vulnerable populations during the COCID-19 pandemic and trying to keep them healthy and protected has called for new ways to serve them, according to Richard Ducatenzeiler, the non-profit’s executive director.


Catholic schools turn to virtual learning during COVID-19 crisis

More than 76,000 students in Archdiocese of Chicago Catholic schools are doing “school at home,” as the Office of Catholic Schools shuttered school buildings starting March 16 to help stem the spread of COVID-19, the disease caused by the novel coronavirus.


Archdiocese launches site for parish donations, emergency fund

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused financial disruptions not only to households and businesses, but also to local parishes, who have suspended public Masses at which they can take up offertory collections.


Cardinal Cupich asks parishes to ring bells five times a day as a common call to prayer

Cardinal Cupichis asking Catholic parishes to ring their church bells five times a day, as a means of calling all to unite in prayer during the COVID-19 pandemic. The prayer times will begin at 9 a.m. on March 21, and continue every three hours each day, with the last bells rung at 9 p.m. Each of the five prayer times will be dedicated to a specific group particularly affected by the pandemic.