The six parts of the Archdiocese of Chicago

By Chicago Catholic
Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Among their other duties, many auxiliary bishops of Chicago have served as episcopal vicars of the archdiocese’s vicariates.

A vicariate is a geographical region of the archdiocese. Each vicar acts as a sort of day-to-day administrator on the archbishop’s behalf and reports back to him about the needs and concerns of the people in the vicariates.

Bishop Kevin Birmingham will continue as director of the Department of Parish Vitality and Mission.

Here is a look at our vicariates based on the most recent data from the Office for Strategic Planning and Implementation.

Vicariate I

Bishop Jeffrey Grob

Number of parishes/missions: 51

October count: 79,000

Registered families: 113,000

Elementary schools: 26

Secondary schools: 4

Vicariate II

Bishop Mark Bartosic

Number of parishes/missions: 52

October count: 63,500

Registered families: 86,000

Elementary schools: 36

Secondary schools: 5

Vicariate III

Bishop Robert Lombardo, CFR

Number of parishes/missions: 43

October count: 48,000

Registered families: 44,000

Elementary schools: 25

Secondary schools: 6

Vicariate IV

Bishop John Manz

Number of parishes/missions: 52

October count: 72,000

Registered families: 68,000

Elementary schools: 26

Secondary schools: 5

Vicariate V

Bishop Andrew Wypych

Number of parishes/missions: 55

October count: 76,500

Registered families: 91,000

Elementary schools: 34

Secondary schools: 5

Vicariate VI

Bishop Joseph Perry

Number of parishes/missions: 49

October count: 26,000

Registered families: 25,000

Elementary schools: 20

Secondary schools: 6


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