Kevin Fitzpatrick

Serving mothers

Wednesday, May 4, 2022

When I began working at Catholic Charities last November, I was thrilled to join an organization rooted in faith tradition. Over these past months, the dedicated staff I have met and the outstanding services I have witnessed have only increased my excitement about working for such a dynamic and mission-driven organization. 

One of my duties at Catholic Charities is to oversee our annual Mother’s Day campaign, which provides critical funding for our most needed services. That role has turned out to be a personal blessing for me because I’ve learned about the numerous and impressive ways Catholic Charities serves mothers facing challenges at all stages of the lifecycle. I’ve also developed an even greater appreciation for what some mothers endure, including my own mother. 

When I picture my mother, I think about her unyielding faith, her resilience and her quiet strength. She has weathered a storm of adversity in her life, yet has always been there for me.

I think many of us are accustomed to seeing mothers as pillars of strength —unshakable and formidable. Steadying our first steps, healing our wounds, nourishing our bodies and spirits, launching us in our careers, supporting us as we start families of our own. Mothers are there for us through every season of our lives, but who is there for them?

Especially in these challenging times, many mothers have had their resilience tested in more ways than ever. Getting through the height of the pandemic was challenging enough, and now they must confront the economic and health repercussions of the pandemic — most of which are disproportionately affecting mothers of color, single mothers and those living on low incomes. Many mothers who were struggling before the pandemic are now facing even greater challenges.

Catholic Charities is honored to be there for mothers in need. Nearly 60 percent of the people who seek help from Catholic Charities are women, most of them mothers and grandmothers.

Whether we are helping a mother who unexpectedly loses her job, copes with the death of her spouse, escapes an abusive partner, struggles to provide food and safe housing for her children, or endures a health crisis, Catholic Charities is there. From helping pregnant mothers deliver and care for healthy babies to supporting aging mothers and grandmothers, Catholic Charities offers a full range of services across the lifecycle.

As we honor and celebrate mothers and motherhood, I hope you will consider making a contribution to Catholic Charities Mother’s Day collection. Your gift can provide strength and comfort to mothers in great need. Contributions can be made during the second collection in parishes on Mother’s Day, anytime at, or mail your gift to Catholic Charities, 75 Remittance Dr., Dept. 1623, Chicago, IL 60675-1623. Mothers support us through every season of our lives. Let’s support them through every season of theirs.


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