St. Philip Neri celebrates Black History Month

BHM Assembly Program
1st Grade Class Performance

On Feb. 22, St. Philip Neri Catholic School students showcased their talents through dance, poem/spoken word and presentations of African-American ancestors, heroes, pioneers whose contributions have made a solid imprint in American history.

This two-part program was interactive, entertaining, and very educational for the staff, fellow students and proud supportive parents. Principal Kenneth Koll reminded us of the importance of knowing your roots at a young age shapes who you can become just like these influential leaders.

“With this Black History Month Assembly, we are engaging our spirits today in the spirit of today,” he said. “All of these incredible people started off like these students’ young boys and girls who were ordinary people who did extraordinary things in their life which ultimately impacted others generation after generation."

The pride, motivation, faith, tenacity and strength continue showing Black History Month should be celebrated not just in February but should be recognized every day.