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There is a new free website available to all of the parishes, schools and organizations in the archdiocese called The Social Justice Resource Center.

The mission of the Center is to: Link faith to action by providing information and resources on current social issues. The site features 25 issues including: Immigration, Refugees, the Criminal Justice system, , Economic Justice, the Education System, the Environment, Gender Inequality, Gun Violence, Health Care, Housing, Human Trafficking, Hunger, Labor, the Minimum Wage, Poverty, Racism, Religious Intolerance, the U.S. Budget, Voting Rights, Wage Theft, War, Water Access, the Welfare system, Domestic Abuse & Capital Punishment.

The site has hundreds of Facts & Figures and Church Teaching for the issues as well as over 2,000 Resources, such as Publications, Films, Websites, Prayers, Quotes, Principles, Key Dates, Biographies and ideas for taking Action. The Center also features a Chicago Area Events calendar and emails a monthly Newsletter to over 3,800 people around the country each month. The Social Justice Resource Center was founded in 2017 by Vic & Mary Doucette, parishioners at St. Francis Xavier Parish in Wilmette.

For more information, http://SocialJusticeResourceCenter.org/