St. Sabina feeds migrants living at police station

Members of St. Sabina Parish, along with Father Michael Pfleger, prepared food to pass out to migrants that were staying at 6th District Police Station, as well as any homeless, on Oct. 19, 2023. For the last few months, St. Sabina has worked closely with the 6th District Police Department to care for the migrants who have been staying there regularly dropping of food and hygiene supplies. The parish has also been helping migrants who come to the church. Each day about 20 migrants come to the church office seeking assistance, with St. Sabina giving out food cards, bus cards, and having helped eight families with first month’s rent for apartments they have found. (Karen Callaway/Chicago Catholic)
Father Michael Pfleger grills hot dogs outside the police station on Oct. 19, 2023. (Karen Callaway/Chicago Catholic)
Herman Warr grills burgers outside the police station. (Karen Callaway/Chicago Catholic)
Cory Williams, Lisa Ramsey and Estella Windom-Swane count the lunches. (Karen Callaway/Chicago Catholic)
Cory Williams organizes lunches. (Karen Callaway/Chicago Catholic)
Estella Windom-Swane organizes the lunches as the food comes off the grill. (Karen Callaway/Chicago Catholic)
Clockwise, Debra Lawson, Yvonne Plummer, Lisa Ramsey, Cory Williams and Nekoiya Washington assemble hamburger and hot dog lunches for asylum seekers. (Karen Callaway/Chicago Catholic)
Pfleger passes out food. (Karen Callaway/Chicago Catholic)
A young boy smiles at a Chicago police officer while picking up a hamburger for lunch. (Karen Callaway/Chicago Catholic)
Yvonne Plummer hands out lunches to migrants and a Chicago police officer. (Karen Callaway/Chicago Catholic)
Cheryl Clark and Father Pfleger hand out lunches. (Karen Callaway/Chicago Catholic)