Chicago City Council honors Cardinal Cupich

By Joyce Duriga | Editor
February 12, 2017

On Jan. 25, the Chicago City Council and Mayor Rahm Emanuel took time out of their regular meeting to adopt a resolution honoring Cardinal Cupich on his becoming a cardinal.

The resolution read in part, “[we] hereby congratulate His Eminence Blase Joseph Cupich on his elevation to rank of cardinal priest and express our sincere appreciation to him for his inspirational and extraordinary life, service and accomplishments.”

Several members of City Council, including 14th Ward Alderman Ed Burke, dean of the council, and 17th Ward Alderman David Moore joined Emanuel as part of a delegation to Rome to witness Cardinal Cupich’s elevation on Nov. 19 in St. Peter’s Basilica.

“It was for all of us a life-affirming day,” Burke said before introducing the resolution.

Following the adoption of the resolution, Cardinal Cupich addressed the City Council.

“‘Lord, make me an instrument of your peace. Where there is hatred, let me sow love.’ In these words is a prayer and a promise. Throughout the archdiocese and across Chicagoland thousands of people spend their day keeping that promise,” Cardinal Cupich told the council. “We need your leadership, cooperation and support as together we take bold steps to help rebuild families, to reach out to the frightened and marginalized and to rid our neighborhoods of the despair that fertilizes the field for those who would sow hatred.”

Upon arriving in Chicago, the cardinal’s staff told him one motto of the city was “I will,” which came from the time of the Chicago fire, and the need to rebuild the city afterward.

“Today another fire is ravaging our city, and our neighbors are in need of hard work again,” he said, adding that the citizens of the city need their leaders to work together now to restore hope.

“Where violence has become a terrible way of life, families and neighborhoods need to know by what we say and do that they are not on their own, but we are with them,” he said. “Let each of us today take up this city motto ‘I will’ in one voice, and send a message to those we serve that ‘We will.’”


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