300 people responded to Vatican survey on marriage

By Catholic New World
Sunday, February 23, 2014

The Archdiocese of Chicago received approximately 300 responses to the questionnaire in preparation for the extraordinary synod of bishops. The questions raised concerns of marriage, family life and human sexuality.

Respondents frequently indicated that the instrument itself was difficult. Some of the questions seemed unclear.

There was universal agreement about the importance of the concerns regarding marriage, family life and human sexuality. At the same time, there was divergence in suggesting how to address these concerns. Some respondents urged a re-emphasis of church teaching. Others thought that the teaching itself ought to be developed and even modified.

Overall, the responses demonstrated a limited understanding of the church’s teaching. In other words, few respondents seemed to grasp the inner rationale for church teaching based on biblical teaching and a faith understanding of the human person. This lack of understanding suggests a need for better and more effective teaching and catechesis coupled with clearer communication so that the teaching can be personally appropriated and integrated into one’s life.