Students share where they see God in world

By Catholic New World
Sunday, September 11, 2011

Editor’s note: This summer, photo editor Karen Callaway and I led a fourweek journalism class for summer camp students at St. John de la Salle Catholic Academy, 10212 S. Vernon Ave., in partnership with the Roseland-based nonprofit The Village. About 40 students in grades five through eight participated in writing and photography exercises throughout the weeks. For one assignment, we asked the students to show and tell us where they find God in the world. Here is how some of them articulated their answer in words and images.

— Joyce Duriga

  • “I see God in smiles. Everyone’s smile sends a warm welcome and thank you to others.” — Asia Ester
  • “I see God in my sleep (dreams).” — Tyler Macon
  • “I see God in the heart because he loves all of us!” — Marcie DeLoach
  • “I see him in my sleep. I see him in my mind. I see him in my heart. And I see him in my soul and that’s what’s important.” — Terry Macon Jr.
  • “What symbols remind me of God are angels. I say angels because they are messengers of God and do good things for us even when we don’t need it sometimes. Angels protect us from all danger and the harm the night brings. Angels tell us not to be scared when dark storms are upon the night. Angels are like soldiers of God.” — Kimberli McClendon
  • “A symbol that reminds me of God is the rosary. A rosary is a symbolization of Jesus dying on the cross for us and Jesus was one way God shows himself to us. … Another symbol that reminds of God is light, light from the sun, light from a light bulb and light from a good spirit in a person.” — Emma Rose Patterson
  • “I see God everywhere I go. Whether it is at home or at school I still see him. I see him because he created the heavens and earth. … I see God in people, but mostly in my grandma because she is always talking about him and saying Scriptures. Whenever we say something she has a gospel song.” — Lanae Winfrey
  • “He is the ocean because when he’s mad or angry it makes hurricanes and tsunamis but when he’s glad the water is calm and it will stay still. He is also like the wind because it feels cool with the breeze but when the wind is mad it could turn into tornadoes.” — Kye Brooks
  • “I see God in the sun, mentally not physically. I see God in the sun because to me the sun is beautiful. I love to wake up and see the sun gleaming in my eyes. I also see God in the sun because it’s way high up in the sky. I love the sun! The sun will always be shining in my heart. The sun is cool! The sun can be a sign of love, peace, hope and joy.” — Amari Young