Cardinal Blase J. Cupich

Statement of Cardinal Cupich on the tragedies in El Paso, Dayton

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Cardinal Cupich released the following statement on Aug. 4, 2019:

Today the Archdiocese of Chicago mourns and prays for the victims of yesterday’s gun massacres in El Paso and Dayton. We stand with their loved ones demanding an end to this deadly status quo.

We reject the idea that living in America means risking being gunned down by a killer wielding an assault weapon designed for mass killing.

We refuse to become inured to the horrible idea that families must calculate the risk of violent death when considering how to spend a summer weekend.

We cannot tolerate a society in which parents have to wonder whether the child they dropped off in the morning will become another statistic or if their own lives will end that day in their place of work.

Mass shootings are not an inevitability. All human beings have the right to live without violence. To behave otherwise is to advance a lie. Stopping this lie begins with holding accountable our elected officials who have done nothing to address gun violence. Inaction only cements the idea that these tragedies are acceptable and that the weapons that enable them are simply common features of American life today.

But we also need to hold accountable those in society, including some leaders, who fuel these violent acts by dividing humanity through hateful rhetoric. This must stop — along with the silence of our elected officials who have failed to condemn hate speech, for they are the very ones who have sworn to keep our nation safe. 

We know that together we can do something to stem the flow of blood. And we call on our elected officials to show us that they know it too.


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