Cardinal Blase J. Cupich

Remarks from March for Life Chicago

Sunday, January 24, 2016

What we are doing here today is very significant. Let me point out three things.

First, we are in a place called Federal Plaza. This name reminds us that what we do here today impacts not only our neighborhoods, our cities or our states, but the entire nation. This is a federal issue, an issue for the entire country and what we do here is about rescuing the soul of our country, which, I am convinced, at its deepest roots values life.

Second, we are occupying this rather large space, which reminds us that what we do here today is about making sure that we as a country make room for every human life. No child should be told that there is no room for them. The womb should not be the child’s tomb.

We just celebrated Christmas, the season that features the birth of a child, a season of new life and new beginning. A child, like no one else, creates and fosters hope in our world. We need to make room for the child just as we need the hope a child brings. What we do today is about making room for hope in our world.

Finally, we gather on a bitterly cold day, yet our hearts are warmed by the support we give each other. We want that warmth to spread in the world so that the world gives a warm welcome to children. As you huddle together, all bundled up, remember to take up this march today with the aim of bringing warmth to a world that can be a cold place for others, especially when they are vulnerable, when their lives are not respected and protected.

Yes, what we do here today is very significant. We gather in a place called Federal Plaza to announce that our message is aimed at the entire country, not just our neighborhoods, cities or states.

Our country needs to hear this message about the dignity of human life and take action to guard that dignity if it is to be true to its soul. We occupy a space to remind ourselves and others to make room for the vulnerable in our society, so that no one is told, “there is no room for you.”

We gather on an icy cold day, with frigid temperatures, yet undaunted to take up this march because we are warmed by each other. We want the warmth of our conviction and our unity to spread to our families, our neighborhoods, our cities, our states, our nation and the world so that children will always find a warm welcome at their birth.

So let us march. Let us stay warm. Let us find new courage and hope by being with each other today. God bless you all.